Is it Nature’s gift?

The history of incense stick dates back to 3300 BC and the incense burners have been found in Indus Civilization. Yes, folks. This stuff is that old. The wonderful effects of incense sticks were popular then and so is it today.

What makes it so Powerful?

The answer is very simple. It is the fragrance of the different flowers like Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary and many more. Since ancient times these fragrances have been used via incense sticks to counter various problems.

Today, we have various medicines and clinical psychologists that help fight depression and other mental issues. But back then too, didn’t people suffer from mental issues? Yes, they did and they tackled them easily through nature-based substances like the fragrance of different flowers. Nature has gifted humans with food to eat. Likewise, there is a solution to all our problems. We can have all the happiness and joy just by inculcating some habits in our daily life.

How do these fragrances work?

As I have already mentioned, nature has all good and bad, where good (being powerful) can overcome bad. These incense sticks when burnt (the natural ones), release a fragrance that has the ability to wipe out all the negative energies from the environment and attract positive energies.

There are different fragrances and each has their own benefits. They can help to eliminate stress and make one happy and joyous.

They also help in uplifting one’s energy by making them get in contact with divine energies. There are several more benefits to using incense such as being a catalyst to meditation, promoting peace, and well-being and many more.